Sub Committees

Scenery View of Sudbury and the water tower

Community Economic Development Committee

The GSDC serves as a catalyst in supporting projects that address priorities resulting in long term economic benefits to Greater Sudbury. The goal is to support projects and initiatives that demonstrate potential job and wealth creation and export development while promoting investment and continued economic diversification. The Community Economic Development (CED) Committee, a sub-committee of the board, receives project funding applications and provides due diligence on behalf of the Board and Council.


Applicants may include private/public partnerships and organizations located in the City of Greater Sudbury. Applicants must clearly demonstrate how their projects will deliver economic benefits to the Greater Sudbury. The CED Committee of the GSDC recommends investment of financial and/or non-financial resources in projects that promote new alliances, partnerships and sectoral development for the benefit of the community.

Peter Nykilchuk, General Manager, Hampton Inn by Hilton and Homewood Suites by Hilton

Committee Members:

Brent Battistelli, President of Battistelli’s Independent Grocer
Erin Danyliw, General Manager, Copy Copy Printing
Joanne Gervais, Directrice générale, ACFO du grand Sudbury
Karen Hourtovenko, Founder, Lifezone
Andrée Lacroix, Partner, Lacroix Layers/Avocats
Marett McCulloch, Sales/Marketing Manager, CTV Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie and North Bay
Daran Moxam, Portfolio Manager and Partner with Moxam Cassio Wealth Management and Director of Wealth Management at ScotiaMcLeod
Wendy Watson, Director of Communications, Greater Sudbury Utilities

Major Arts & Culture Grant Subcommittee

An Arts and Culture Steering Committee was formed and will assist in guiding the implementation of Greater Sudbury’s Arts and Culture Strategy.

Community Economic Development Strategic Plan

The first City of Greater Sudbury Community Economic Development Strategic Plan was initiated in August 2002 and adopted by the GSDC Board in June 2003. It was titled, “Coming of Age in the 21st Century”. A renewal of the strategic plan was initiated in July 2008 and adopted by the Board in June 2009, titled “Digging Deeper”. The “Digging Deeper” refresh was initiated in September 2011 and adopted by the Board in May 2012.

In December 2013, the GSDC Board, recognizing that it has been ten years since a full Community Economic Development Strategic Plan process has been completed, authorized staff to initiate a process to develop a new plan. Conceptually, this new strategic plan will look forward to a 2025 horizon and will be for the community, the Municipal Corporation, and GSDC.

The Economic Development Strategic Plan Steering Committee’s 10 year economic development strategic plan, “From the Ground Up – #gs2025”, represents a cross-section of the community and its economic sectors, for publication in June 2015. The overarching goal of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee is to stimulate the creation of a local economic climate that generates significant employment opportunities, attracts know-how and talent, provides a high quality of life and a higher than average standard of living.

Strategic Plan Steering Committee (SPSC)
The Board of the Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC) has determined that it is appropriate to develop a completely new strategic plan.  The Board will establish a steering committee to oversee the development of a new community economic development strategic plan, From the Ground Up, for review and adoption by the GSDC Board and City of Greater Sudbury Council in June 2015.  
Committee Members:
  • Dr. Darren Stinson – Co-Chair
  • Jim Marchbank – Co-Chair
  • Jennifer Witty - GSDC Board
  • Gisèle Chrétien - GSDC Board
  • Brian Vaillancourt - GSDC Board
  • Bill Lautenbach
  • Debbi Nicholson
  • Luc Roy
  • Leonard Kim
  • Alicia Woods
  • Richard Paquin
  • Guy Labine
  • Ron Sarazin
  • Kathy Dokis-Ranney
  • Don Duval
  • Marc Piquette
  • Yves Doyon
  • Helen Mulc
  • Mark Gregorini
  • Peggy Baillie
  • Sonia DelMissier
  • Kelly Scott
  • Justin Lemieux
  • Dr. Bruce Jago