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Growing the unique identity of Greater Sudbury

Municipal cultural planning is about building local economies through culture. It is a process of inclusive community consultation and decision making that helps government and stakeholders identify cultural resources and think strategically about how these resources can help a community achieve its civic goals.

A steering committee of interested citizens and representatives of the Greater Sudbury arts community has been meeting since September 2013 to begin the planning process with support from municipal staff.

September 2013 was declared Arts Month in the City of Greater Sudbury. Citizens were invited to answer the question “what does local culture mean to you?” during Culture Days at The Market on September 28 and 29. Thank you to everyone who submitted creative works and written comments. A short video of Culture Days at The Market is available here.

2013 Cultural Days from GSDC on Vimeo.

March 2014 was dedicated to the first phase of public consultation in the planning process:

► an Oraclepoll Research telephone survey of Greater Sudbury residents to determine top of mind awareness of local arts and culture,

► one-on-one interviews with a total of 37 independent artists/cultural workers, professional arts and culture organizations, community arts and culture organizations, and arts educators, and

► focus groups with arts supporters and funders.

Residents will have an opportunity to join the discussion to support and grow the unique identity of Greater Sudbury during a citywide survey from Monday, April 14 to Monday, May 5, 2014.

All comments will be shared with the Cultural Plan Steering Committee. A second, more in-depth consultation period will follow so that the community can further contribute to the design of the Cultural Plan.

The development of the city of Greater Sudbury Cultural Plan will build upon work that has been done by the City as well as by other groups that have recently conducted studies and outreach sessions within the community. Existing resources include:

Greater Sudbury Arts and Culture Charter, Grant Policy and Strategy (2006)

Digging Deeper Economic Development Strategic Plan (2012)

Healthy Communities Plan (2010)

Downtown Master Plan (2012)

Official Plan for the City of Greater Sudbury  (2006)

► Ontario Arts Council Outreach session (October 2012)

► Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation and Music + Film in Motion / Cinefest (July 2012)

► Ontario Trillium Foundation (December 2012)

► Arts Build Ontario and Work in Culture (May 2013)

► Industry scan and literature review

This page will be updated as the process to build a Cultural Plan for Greater Sudbury continues.


For more information about the Greater Sudbury Cultural Plan, please contact Emily Trottier, Business Development Officer, Greater Sudbury Development Corporation at 705-674-4455, ext. 4429 or by email.

Join the discussion:
Twitter: @SudburyCulture

Thank you to members of the Cultural Plan Steering Committee for generously donating their time and their expertise to the planning process:

Maurice Berthiaume
Kate Bowman
Gisele Chretien
Tammy Frick

Paulette Gagnon
Nancy Gareh-Coulombe
Vicki Gilhula
Jason Jallet
Paul Loewenberg
Muriel Macleod
Geoff McCausland

Darren McGregor
Deanna Nebenionquit
Brian Nootchtai
Patrick O’Hearn
Christian Pelletier
Michael Penwarden
Karen Tait-Peacock
Heather Topp

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The 2017 Arts & Culture Grant Application is now closed!  

Deadline for submission: Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Citizens Invited to Apply for Appointment to Arts and Culture Grant Juries

Arts & Culture Grant Information Sessions

Congratulations to the 
Arts and Culture Grant recipients!

Familiarize yourself with the Greater Sudbury Arts & Culture Grant Program Guidelines.  This document has important information that will help you prepare for the Arts & Culture Grant intake.

You may contact Emily Trottier at 705-674-4455 ext 4429 or for more information on the arts and culture sector in the City of Greater Sudbury.